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Sentinel Biometrics is a dynamic company which believes in making a difference. We stand for quality, innovation and reliable service. Established in 2011 we have grown with the technologies we are passionate about into the trusted company we are today.

Dedication and expertise in Access Control & CCTV ensures that your best interests are always our top priority. Our access and surveillance systems rank amongst the top security systems in the world giving you the assurance that quality is always guaranteed. Our professional installations are always carried out with utmost attention to durability, detail and aesthetics. 

We believe in engaging with honesty and integrity to ensure that we build long lasting relationships based on the highest degree of trust and respect. Our motivation lends itself towards enhancing our clients’ ability to manage, monitor and secure their premises, people and assets. Sentinel collaborates with others in combining skills and knowledge for a range of industries, applications and environments.

Our security systems toolbox includes fingerprint access control, face recognition access control, time and attendance, automatic door systems, CCTV, IP video surveillance, network infrastructure, network cabling, electronic locks, electronic exit sensors, power supplies, remote unlocking systems, audio & video intercom systems, fingerprint padlocks, fingerprint door locks.

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Sentinel News

Suprema Ranks First in Survey!

In a recent survey conducted in Korea, Suprema was chosen as the top brand for access control management software  and mobile access solutions.

The survey asked over 500 participants from the field of system integrators, distributors, consultants and end-users in a variety of verticals to choose the top brands in the categories of access control management software, mobile access solutions, and wireless locks. Suprema was selected as number one in the access control management software and mobile access solution categories...


New product! Suprema FaceSation F2

Suprema FaceStation F2 is a fusion multi-modal terminal with unmatched face recognition performance. Experience the exceptional authentication accuracy and anti-spoofing performance achieved by Suprema’s unique Fusion technology. 


HIKVision unveils its new Digital Showroom!

HIKVision announced the launch of the online HIKVision Digital Showroom. The new virtual showroom allows customers to explore new core technologies, flagship products and trending applications.


Suprema work with Sentinel Biometrics

Johannesburg based Sentinel Biometrics is a family run business providing security consulting services and site implementations in the security sector. Its most recent project is the design and manufacture of the Sentinel ToughCase.

Sentinel needed a way to protect their clients’ investments and to ensure the uptime of their solutions. Although the BioLite Net has been designed and tested for harsh conditions, IP65 rated for dust and water, Sentinel required added protection for an even more demanding environment. To achieve this, they developed the ToughCase stainless steel housing for the BioLite Net and most other Suprema devices.


Suprema’s fingerprint recognition algorithm supplied to Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Suprema announced that it supplied BioSign 4.0, its under-display fingerprint recognition algorithm to the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones with support from Qualcomm Technologies.

BioSign, Suprema’s smartphone fingerprint recognition technology, has gained global recognition since its installation on Samsung Galaxy J5 models in 2017. Since then, Suprema has been supplying BioSign solutions to other Samsung smartphone models including Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series.